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Wooden Bowl by Mark Russell - Rhododendron No265

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Mark Russell (woodturner) created this bowl from the wood of a 70 year old Rhododendron tree, grown at Bulloch Creek, New Zealand.

All bowls have a high quality oil finish. They are food-safe, so can be used for food - or alternatively can be displayed as an art piece.  

Mark's creations are from a selection of NZ native timbers and NZ grown exotic timbers and sometimes even select native driftwood.

23.8cm across
3cm high

About Rhododendron:

A large evergreen shrub to 6 m high with light lilac-pink to pinkish purple flowers and dark green leaves. Can set down roots from its barnches.
Rhododendron ponticum is the only rhododendron in NZ to sucker (i.e. sets down roots from its branches).