Avril Jean - Watercolourist



Avril Jean Dolman was born in England, and has resided in New Zealand since 1967.  

Avril has been a keen artist since her early school days. Avril describes herself as a self-​taught artist who has experienced the influence and​ mentoring from some acclaimed New Zealand artists. ​Her art teacher at Wakatipu High School in Queenstown was the​ late Alan Cooke, a well respected New Zealand artist.  

Originally, oil and pen and ink were her favourite mediums.  Avril more recently made the change to watercolours.  Tuition from leading New Zealand watercolourist, Brian Millard, embedded the love for watercolours in her veins. 

Eventually Avril adopted New Zealand birds as her favourite subject over landscapes, but still paints the occasional landscape to this day. 

In recent years Avril has been discovering her Maori whanau connections, and is exploring possiblilites for an additional theme to her paintings.  Watch this space!  

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