Porteous Tiles



Porteous Tiles is a multi generational family business that has been making some of the world’s most beautiful tiles for over 25 years. The tiles are made in New Zealand, in a studio located at the family home. 

The first tiles produced by Porteous Tiles over 25 years ago were reproductions of some of the most iconic designs from the Art Nouveau and Arts and Crafts eras (1890-1920); and they still produce these tiles to this day. Over the years their range of designs has expanded into many different areas, including Neoclassical & Pacific style. 

Porteous Tiles grew out of a passion for tile and a love for working with clay. The processes used combine traditional methods for making hand made tiles with some innovative new techniques that have been fine tuned and perfected over the years. Tile production begins with a very high quality semi-porcelain clay chosen for its beautiful white colour and high firing suitability – this results in a very high quality tile that is strong, durable and vitreous. Colour is key with Porteous Tiles. There is nothing mass-produced or ordinary here. Their beautiful artisan glazes were all developed by Neville Porteous through many years of experimentation, an ongoing process which continues to this day and results in new glazes being added to their range on a regular basis. Porteous Tiles glazes are produced in small batches and tested to ensure quality and consistency. Tiles are individually made using their own hand made moulds and are all hand painted. The final product is a tile of exceptionally high quality, with a beautiful lively individuality, which effects that fact that they have been produced by hand by people who love what they do.

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