Serge Souslov - Sculptor


Serge creates art pieces from different media: wood, copper, bronze, alloys, and found objects.

Serge uses an interesting technique: combining the richness of NZ native hard driftwood together with bronze brazed onto copper using an Oxygen Acetylene Torch he transforms simple materials into stunning sculptures. This means each of his art creations is one of a kind. 

Each handmade piece is made using a labor-intensive, time-consuming process lasting from a few days to several weeks from the initial design stage to completion.

All works are polished and protected against tarnishing by special coatings.

His gold glowing creations are fitting to be the centerpiece in any home or business interior, for him or her.

Artworks looks fabulous in daylight, but just imagine how romantic they look in the evenings lit by special lighting or candlelight.

Serge has attended both Art College and an Institute of Culture overseas, before settling in New Zealand over 25 years ago.

Serge's works are exhibited in select galleries around New Zealand.  

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