Harley Moore - Metal Sculptor



Ngāti Ranginui, Ngai te Ahi
Harley Moore grew up on the east coast of the Bay of Plenty.  He studied for his Batchelor of Fine Arts degree at Whitecliffe.  Harley now lives with his wife and four children in the North Island where he also works as a secondary school teacher.  Harley has been a practicing artist for over 20 years now, originally as a surrealist artist.  In 2012 he moved from painted images to developing a sculpture style using solely aluminum and rivets.

Harley has always had a deep respect for nature. His sculptures help him to negate a perceived tension between the natural and the modern world.  Harley sees his sculptures as a kind of juxtaposition.  Rather than manipulating natural materials, he uses industrial materials to make representations of nature.

His sculptures are all made from repurposed 5005 Aluminum ranging from 1.2-1.6mm thick and 3:4 blind rivets.  They can be displayed indoors or outside and are surprisingly robust outdoors.  Even out in the elements they will take many years to tarnish - if at all.

The works are all beaten, riveted and polished by hand with no use of patterns.

Every sculpture is one of a kind. They take on a life of their own - and Harley hopes their new owners enjoy them as much as he enjoys making them.

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