Timberarts - Iconic Woodware


Timberarts (formerly Soverign Woodware) have been handcrafting items from New Zealand native timbers for many years, with their work being sold throughout New Zealand in galleries and shops.

They have a reputation, of which they are justifiably proud, for the high quality of their workmanship.

The New Zealand forest is a production of nature found in no other land. They work with a range of nineteen of our native timbers, using the different colours and grains to produce the finished designs of the items they craft.  The use of these timbers in their products make them unique.

Wood has always been an important part of human existence. Today the timbers of our native forests are a treasured national resource and are protected by law, with milling only allowed under a strictly enforced sustainable management regime.  In creating works of art from each small piece of wood used, the craftsperson places a true value on our forest heritage.

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