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Wooden Bowl by Mark Russell - Silver Birch No416

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Mark Russell (woodturner) created this bowl from the wood of the Silver Birch tree.

All bowls have a high quality oil finish. They are food-safe, so can be used for food - or alternatively can be displayed as an art piece.  

Mark's creations are from a selection of NZ native timbers and NZ grown exotic timbers and sometimes even select native driftwood.

25.5cm across
8.5cm high

About Silver Birch:

A tree with semi-drooping habit to about 25 m. Park smooth at first, silvery white and peppery, becoming dark grey and rough. Deltoid leaves to about 6 cm long with 5-7 pairs of veins and serrate margins. Male catkins up to 9 cm long; female catkins to about 2.5 cm, papery when ripe and separate into large numbers of winged seeds, wind-carried.