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Whalebone Hei Tiki by Alex Sands

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Hand carved by Alex Sands.
Whale Bone with NZ paua shell eyes.
(This piece cannot be exported).

8.5cm x 4.5cm

On a waxed plaited nylon cord.  Adjustable length.

About the Tiki:

To Maori the Hei Tiki was a revered taonga, but the origins of the Tiki are obscure.  To some the Hei Tiki is the first man created by Tane.  Tiki is said to have held a wealth of knowledge and a great teacher of all things and the wearer would possess similar qualities.  In some areas the Hei Tiki would be buried with the guardian and later retrieved by the family and gifted to a family member holding many memories for years to come.  It is also believed by some to be a good luck charm and is also regarded as a fertility symbol.