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Ponga Vase 35cm - by Fernwood No2

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NZ ponga wood.
Native to New Zealand. 
Made in New Zealand by Fernwood.

This product is porous and cannot hold water.  By placing a tall jar inside, you can then fill with water for use as a flower vase.  Alternatively, it is excellent for dried flower arrangements, or as an art piece.

35cm tall
10.5cm wide   

The Maori name for NZ's native tree fern is 'Ponga'.
Our national emblem of NZ is the Silver Fern.  There are ten species of tree fern in New Zealand, the largest being the Mamaku Ponga (or Black Ponga) which can grow to 20 metres in height. These products are made by removing the fiberous outer bark and are then shaped and cure dried using a kiln drying process which heat treats them customs friendly and no problem to export overseas. This curing process enhances the texture and also intensifies the natural colouring.