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Oil Painting by Neil J Bartlett - Fishing Boat No.2 Fiordland No5023

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Fishing Boat, Fiordland, South Island, New Zealand

Neil J Bartlett

Oil on canvas

33.5cm x 22cm including frame


Neil's Painting Technique and Style:

Neil goes to the site, and makes pencil sketches of his subjects on site.  References of colour, texture, shadows etc. are noted beside the sketch - information that is all drawn upon whilst producing the painting over time in his studio.

From the sketch, very basic underpainting is applied to the canvas.  Underpainting involves 'sketching' the subject in one very thin layer of paint and blocking out any background so he knows where to put this later in the creative process.  It is a tool used by many of the great masters. 

High grade artists oil paint is then applied with a brush onto the canvas in layers to produce the painting.  

Neil's style of painting would best be described as impressionism.   When you stand back and look at the painting, your eyes tell you that there is a lot of detail in the painting, because your eyes are seeing what you want them to see. Keeping that level of detail in your mind, you can then step closer to the painting and see that the detail you thought was there was in fact only a paint stroke, with actually little detail at all.

Photo credit:  Renee Edwards, Birdsong Photography, Lake Hawea