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Hand Carved Waka Hoe - by Grant Holder No1

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Handcarved Waka Hoe by carver Grant Holder - Maniapoto Iwi.

88cm x 13cm x 6cm

About Waka Hoe:

The hoe (paddle) was the means of propulsion for the Maori waka (canoe).  The hoe was primarily a paddle, but it also doubled as a weapon when the need arose.  Carved paddles were the property of the chief and were highly valued. The hoe came in different styles and the handles and blades differed from iwi to iwi (tribes) and region.

A hoe is an awesome 21st key, as it symbolises ones journeys on the next stage of their lives, as the hoe is the tool used to move ones vessel upon the ever-flowing waters of life.