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Hand Carved Umbrella by Kevin McCardell

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Handcarved from New Zealand Swamp Kauri.

Artist: Kevin McCardell.

97cm long
29cm across the widest point 
16cm high when laid down on a flat surface 

Details of Timber:

The timber used for the sculpture is NZ Swamp Kauri and was sourced from Kaihu in Northland.  It is carbon dated at 55,800 years old.  The umbrella handle is NZ Rimu timber.

Details of Finish:

The umbrella has been carved from a single block using chisels.  The handle and knobs have been carved separately and added.  The piece is finished with several coats of Polyurethane with a wax finish over the top, which if dulled can be buffed with a soft cloth.  No ongoing finishing is required, and the piece is best displayed away from direct sunlight.

Artists declaration:

All pieces are one-off handmade sculptures.  Although a subject may be repeated the design is always different, hence each piece is unique.  

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