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Hand Carved Tekoteko 27cm by Thomas Hansen

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Wooden tekoteko hand carved in New Zealand by Thomas Hansen.

The tiaha is adorned with NZ possum fur.  It is 17cm long, and is removable.  

The wood is stained with a dark stain, and the highlights shown in the piupiu is the natural colour of the wood.  

9.5cm x 27cm x 5cm

Tekoteko is the term used for a carved human form which can be either freestanding, attached to the gable of a whare (house) or carved into the central poles of the great meeting houses. Tekoteko are often carved in a defiant stance with a protruding tongue, and holding a mere or taiaha, to ward off intruders. Tekoteko often have eyes made of paua shell and can range in size from a few inches to the full height of a building.