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Hand Carved Taonga Korere (Feeding Funnel) - by Gary Holder

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Handcarved by Gary Holder - Maniapoto Iwi.

Pounamu Base -  27cm x 9.5cm x 0.7cm
Funnel - 13cm x 22cm x 16cm

About Taonga Korere:
A feeding funnel of carved wood was used to feed a chief under tapu, when he could not handle food, eg during tattooing.
Korere are a feeding funnel used primarily to pass mulched or pureed food to men of rank whose mouths were swollen from the ta moko (Maori customary tattooing) operation when applied to the mouth area.
Korere were also used more generally to pass food and liquids to men of high rank, or tohunga under tapu (sacred) restrictions.
Korere are thought to originate from the Hokianga-Northland region and are generally attributed to the Ngapuhi tribes.

About Pounamu:

No two pieces of pounamu are the same, and every stone is treated with the utmost respect by those who source and carve it.

Renowned for its beauty and strength, the rare stone is highly valued by both Maori and greater New Zealand. While generically known as greenstone or New Zealand jade, pounamu refers to the particular types of hard nephrite jade, found only in southern New Zealand.