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Hand Carved Parata Mask (female)14cm by Thomas Hansen

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Handcarved in New Zealand by Thomas Hansen.

Parata is the name of the mask on the front of a meeting house fixed to the gable.

The mask was carved in a more naturalistic manner, having the tattoo marks of the person it represents.

The moko (tattoo) tells the story of family history on the fathers side and the mothers side.  It may record other family members, or feats and accomplishments in arts and war.  The moko would also indicate tribal affiliations and history.

The depth and profusion of the moko indicated the dignity of the individual.  This mask is female and the artist has designed the moko to represent a woman of high ranking.  

The chin area is called 'Warunga' and shows family links and history.  The spirals on the nostrils are considered part of the 'Kirupa' area and they indicate protection and who is her protector.  This design indicates she is protected by the ones she chooses to closely surround herself with. The area above the eyes is called 'Te Karu'.  This area was only tattooed on women with especially high rank. The pattern would indicate the reason for her high ranking, whether it be family lineage or a particular role.  

The pattern on this mask is one of power hard fought for, through the ability to adapt, to relate to and conquer forces coming from any direction.

10cm x 14cm x 5cm