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Fused Glass Platter by Maori Boy - Rongo Design 30cm (white and black)

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Glass Platter

Original design by Maori Boy Glassware - a modern interpretation of traditional NZ-kiwi & Maori design.

Each piece is designed to be a work of art, while still being functional and robust enough to be used day-to-day.

30cm x 30cm 
Rongo Design


About Rongo Design:

Rongo means peace.  In mythology Rongo is the god of cultivated food, especially the kumara, a vital food crop.  Other crops cultivated by Maori in traditional times include taro, yams (uwhi), cordyline (ti), and gourds (hue).  Because of their tropical origin, most of these crops were difficult to grow except in the far north.  This design is a depiction of freshly tilled earth ready for planting.


The technique of 'fusing and slumping' sandwiches a design of "onglaze powder" between two pieces of clear glass, which is then fused together at high temperature. The transparency of the top layer lends the design depth and enhances the vibrancy of each colour. Low fire “glaze” is traditionally used by ceramists as a ‘second’ firing over underglaze on fired pots. Low fire glaze will fire into glass using a very careful firing process aided by a 'proprietary formular' of frits and additives to promote compatibility, stability of the fusing process, and to enhance the vibrancy of the colours. The glaze is used ‘dry’ and not in a liquid form.