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Ceramic Vase by Bob Steiner - Pohutukawa

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Ceramic vase by renowned NZ ceramic artist Bob Steiner.

The plastic nature of clay is often lost in the moulded production of pottery. With the Cuba series Bob has endeavoured to bring a sense of the soft, plastic nature of the clay while making a bold and functional form.

The Cuba Vase was made spontaneously by manipulating plastic clay. The clay was rolled out into a thick snake like roll, cut off and stood on end. 

Width: 11cm
Height: 40cm
Depth: 11cm



About the Pohutukawa:

The blazing red flowers of pōhutukawa around Christmas time have earned this tree the title of New Zealand's Christmas tree. Pōhutukawa belongs to the genus Metrosideros. Mainland pōhutukawa (M. excelsa) occurs naturally in the upper half of the North Island (north of New Plymouth and Gisborne) although it grows from one end of the country to the other.  

Pōhutukawa holds a prominent place in Maori mythology. Legends tell of the young Maori warrior, Tawhaki and his attempt to find help in heaven to avenge his father's death. He subsequently fell to earth and the crimson flowers are said to represent his blood.

Possibly the most famous pōhutukawa in Maori legend is a small, wind-beaten tree clinging to the cliff face near Cape Reinga. The 800-year-old tree is reputed to guard the entrance to a sacred cave through which disembodied spirits pass on their way to the next world.