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Ceramic Tieke (Saddleback) by Bob Steiner

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Ceramic NZ native tieke (saddleback).

By renowned New Zealand ceramic artist Bob Steiner.

The bird is freestanding or can be hung on the wall.

Width: 10cm
Height: 17cm
Depth: 118cm
Weight: 200gm

Tar black


About the Tieke:

Saddlebacks were once widespread throughout New Zealand's mainland and island forests. Their decline began in the mid 19th century, caused by forest clearance and introduced predators such as ship rats, feral cats and stoats.

By this century, both species were close to extinction. South Island saddlebacks were limited to three islands: Big South Cape, Pukeweka, and Soloman Islands (near Stewart Island), while the North Island species was restricted to Hen Island in the Hauraki Gulf.