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Ceramic Kotare (Kingfishers) Set of 3 - by Bob Steiner

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Set of 3 Kotare (Kingfisher)

By renowned NZ ceramic artist Bob Steiner.

These Kotare are made to hang on the wall on picture hooks or similar. 

Kotare (wings up)
Width: 13cm
Height: 12cm
Depth: 4cm

Kotare (wing down)
Width: 12cm
Height: 8cm
Depth: 4cm

About the Kotare:

The New Zealand kotare (Halcyon sancta) usually lives in a nest hole in a clay bank. This is the only native kingfisher species found in New Zealand. Known to Māori as kōtare, the New Zealand kingfisher is often seen in coastal areas perched on fence and telephone wires.