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Bronze Sculpture - NZ Native Tuatara (mouth closed) - by Kenmore Auton

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Tuatara (mouth closed)

Signed by the artist Kenmore Auton.

Length approximately 18cm.


Stock Photo - Edition number on tag will vary.

Ken's bronze tuatara is perfect in it's detail, is a life-sized juvenile and anatomically correct!  Ken's background as a classically trained manufacturing jeweller ensures a high degree of attention to detail and the quality of his work is evident.  Ken's creatures are free-standing or can be hung on the wall.

About the Tuatara:

Tuatara are the only surviving members of the order Sphenodontia. This order was well represented by many species during the age of the dinosaurs, some 200 million years ago. All species except the tuatara declined and eventually became extinct about 60 million years ago.

Because of this tuatara are of huge international interest to biologists. They are recognised internationally and within New Zealand as species in need of active conservation management.

The tuatara is a single species Sphenodon punctatus.