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Bronze Sculpture - NZ Native Tree Weta - by Kenmore Auton

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Tree Weta - Female 

Signed by the artist, Kenmore Auton
Limited Edition.   Stock Photo.  

Overall length approximately 22cm. 

Custom box. 

Ken's bronze weta is perfect in it's detail, and is life-sized and anatomically correct! Ken's background as a classically trained manufacturing jeweller ensures a high degree of attention to detail and the quality of his work is evident.  Ken's creatures are free-standing or can be hung on the wall.

About the Rakau Weta (Tree Weta):

The most common wētā are the seven species of tree wētā (genus Hemideina), found in gardens or in the bush in most regions of New Zealand.

Most adult tree wētā have bodies between 4 and 6 centimetres long. Tree wētā are predominantly herbivorous, feeding on leaves and fruit. They are seldom found alone, preferring instead to associate in groups, which often share space in tree tunnels.