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Bronze Sculpture - NZ Native Cave Weta - by Kenmore Auton

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Cave Weta - Male 

Signed by the artist, Kenmore Auton

Overall length approximately 42cm. 

Custom box. 

Ken's bronze weta is perfect in it's detail, and is life-sized and anatomically correct! Ken's background as a classically trained manufacturing jeweller ensures a high degree of attention to detail and the quality of his work is evident.  Ken's creatures are free-standing or can be hung on the wall.

About the Cave Wētā :

Cave-wetas are primarily scavengers, living on a diet of plant and animal material. Fungi and animal food can be obtained inside caves; but bryophytes and angiosperms are also eaten, and in many cases these must be sought in the surrounding bush. However, where a river flows through a cave, plant debris is washed into the cave, especially during floods and is left stranded on the walls or floating on the surface of the water, thus forming a plentiful food supply. In the bush, cave-wetas are often associated with ferns and rata. Cannibalism is known to occur, and the remains of adults may often be found strewn round the floors of caves. Cave-wetas are particularly vulnerable to cannibalism just after moulting, before the new skin has had time to harden, and also during the mating season.