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Aluminium Koura (crayfish) Sculpture by Harley Moore 60cm

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Rivetted aluminium koura (crayfish) - there are approximately 2000 rivets in this piece. 


60cm x 18.5cm x 46cm

Handmade in New Zealand by Harley Moore

Harley's sculptures are all made from repurposed 5005 Aluminum ranging from 1.2-1.6mm thick and 3:4 blind rivets.  They can be displayed indoors but are surprisingly robust outdoors.  Even out in the elements they will take many years to tarnish - if at all. 

The works are all beaten, riveted and polished by hand with no use of patterns.

Every sculpture is one of a kind.

About the Koura:

There are two species of freshwater crayfish in New Zealand.  Both are endemic, and of the genus Paranephrops, belonging to the southern hemisphere Parastacidae crayfish family, of the Decapoda order of crustaceans.

Northern koura Paranephrops planifrons, is the smaller of the two species, just 7 cm in length, found throughout the North Island, and Nelson, Marlborough and the west coast of the South Island.

Southern koura Paranephrops zealandicus, is about one centimetre longer than P. planifrons, recognised by more hairy, larger pincers. It is found throughout the east and south of the South Island, and on Stewart Island.

Both are threatened species.